Top Notch Adventures Bear Hunting

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for the incredible hunt you provided to me and my friend. You exceeded our expectations from the hunt itself, the accommodations, the cooking, and just the atmosphere you and your family provided. As I told you, I searched for months on the internet and made many phone calls looking for an outfitter that was dedicated and knowledgeable about bears. You proved to be just that.

It still boggles my mind about the quantity and quality of bears you have there. The color phase, size, and numbers of bears your area hosts is amazing. I have been on many of bear hunts over the years and can honestly say that my friend and I saw more bears in four days than my typical group of 4 hunters have seen on 4 previous bear hunts collectively!  Alberta is second to none in my opinion.

Thanks again for the awesome experience! We will be seeing you again soon.


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Top Notch Adventures Bear Hunting