Alberta Canada Moose HuntingHi Frank,

Just a follow up note about what a tremendous hunt I had. I have hunted with a lot of outfitters over the years including a number of self guided elk hunts with our horse but nothing was as good as this for quality.

Kathy’s cooking is great and I don’t know how your not fat as a butterball. Lodge is very very nice with great accommodations and the ability to have a shower every night was special to say the least. Letting Bob park his motor home and plug it in was an extra nice treat.I plan to be back next year.

Last but not least the hunting was almost too good as I should have had an animal an hour after light the first day but after I missed that one we had to wait until almost 1PM to get the next one. Thanks again for everything and I plan on seeing you in 2018 again.

Paul Russell