Our black bear hunts and moose hunts take place in the remote wilderness of northern Alberta Canada.  With excellent management of both moose and black bears, our hunts have been very successful at harvesting some great animals.


We pride ourselves on providing not just a great hunting area with trophy moose & bears, but in giving you an exciting, memorable hunting experience.
Amazing 7 Foot Black Bear Hunt by Bart Saunders
Black Bear Hunting

Bear hunting near La Crete with Top Notch Adventures has got to be one of Alberta’s best kept secrets. “Top Notch” is an understatement!” The first day, I saw nine bears; during five days of hunting I saw 44 bears! read more

Black Bear Hunt Joe
Black Bear Hunting

You exceeded our expectations from the hunt itself, the accommodations, the cooking, and the atmosphere you and your family provided. It still boggles my mind about the quantity and quality of bears you have there. read more

Black Bear Hunt Kenny Voss
Black Bear Hunting

If anyone is interested in a guided bear hunt give Frank with Top Notch Adventure a call.  The La Crete area is beautiful and has a large population of bear and a good percentage of color phase bears.  read more

Canada Moose Hunt Paul Russell
Moose Hunting

Just a follow up note about what a tremendous hunt I had. I have hunted with a lot of outfitters over the years including a number of self guided elk hunts with our horse but nothing was as good as this for quality. read more

Black Bear Hunt Paul Dernbach
Black Bear Hunting

What a wonderful spring black bear hunt I had this month!!  Hard to believe how many bears you have around your stands. Seems like you had more bears than on my last visit, and I thought you had a lot of bears then.  read more

Black Bear Hunt Gene Stevens
Black Bear Hunting

Just to thank you again for a great hunt!  This was my 3rd time hunting with you and overall my 10th bear hunt.  You and your team & family really make the whole experience wonderful. read more


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